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Kyle Kroeck is at the helm of the enigmatic music project Ainonow. His musical journey began playing the viola in an orchestra at the age of nine, where he began to fall in love with music. However, the classical world alone was not enough to satisfy his musical curiosity. Swirling in and out of bands while playing bass guitar, he experimented with different styles until eventually discovering underground electronic music and hip hop. Inspired by the hypnotic beats and hard-hitting bass of these genres, he dove into electronic music production and the infinite timbres permitted by this new approach to music creation.

“My message is simple and it’s connected with why I make art. My hope is that listening to my music is a cathartic experience for my listeners and a way for them to feel seen and understood. I want it to connect them emotionally to their darker feelings..."

With such a diverse background and range of influences, Ainonow's tracks traverse a broad spectrum of sonic landscapes. Combining elements of dark and heavy drum & bass, broken beat halftime and experimental bass music, he takes his listeners on a musical journey soaked in organic textures. As one of the most forward-thinking, rising artists in the world of underground electronic music, Ainonow’s music speaks to the power of experimentation and the limitless possibilities of creative expression.